Roof window types - an overview

"The" roof window does not exist. At roof windows there are many different types for all possible installation situations. A brief overview of the most common types of roof windows and their advantages and disadvantages is therefore this contribution.

Swinging windows as a classic

The windows can be designed in different ways:

  • as so-called tilting windows with a tilting function, which can be attached to different frame positions
  • as folding windows
  • as hinged swinging windows

The cheapest are tilting windows (from around 250 EUR), Most expensive are hinged windows (from about 600 - 700 EUR).

Roof windows

Roof windows are always installed horizontally. Again, the respective minimum pitch, which must be achieved. In addition, it is important to check for larger models, the load of the roof, as these windows mean more roof load than standing built-in windows.

There are many tried and tested products of the brand manufacturers Roto and Velux, which specialize in skylight solutions.

Sliding windows for the roof

Sliding windows and folding sliding windows are rather rarely used models. However, they mean a gain in space in the interior, because the window can be pushed laterally outside, and thus does not protrude into the interior in the open state.

Disadvantage is that sun protection solutions for such windows are often available in only a small selection and also harder to assemble. In large formats roof sliding windows can even be designed as panoramic windows.

Dormer windows and triangular windows

Although there are special dormer windows (with the opening mechanisms of a skylight window or a conventional window), in general, however, conventional vertical windows are installed in a dormer.

Triangular windows can be found especially in the gable area, often on a dormer tip. They mainly serve the light output, but can also be an architectural design tool.

Roof windows with exit

Roof windows can also have an exit or even a fold-out roof balcony. Both represent a real comfort gain in the skylight.

Tips & TricksWhen planning skylights, be sure to keep the windows to a lesser extent than with vertical windows. The light output in the roof window is many times higher than in a vertical window.
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